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Tips for a Successful Move-Packing

  • Rent Plastic boxes instead of the traditional cardboard boxes.  U-Haul Ready-To-Go Box, Bungo Box, Lend a Box, Better Than Boxes, Redi-Box, Gorilla Bins, BinIt, and A Smart Move all provide this service and for a fraction of the cost of cardboard boxes.  Not to mention, you are producing less waste, which is a pretty big deal these days!
  • Always pack books and files in small boxes.  Even if you have enlisted moving labor, no one wants to blow their back out lifting unnecessarily heavy boxes.  
  • Before packing your computer, remember to back up everything to your cloud or external hard drive.  No matter how well you pack, technology can be sensitive, and susceptible to damage.  Also, don’t forget to take a photo of how the electronics are hooked up, to help you remember where all those wires go.  You’ll thank me later!
  • Cover your makeup with a cotton ball or pad to keep them from breaking up.  
  • If you don’t splurge on any specialty item, buy plate and glassware kits.  They separate and protect your glassware and they stack the plates on their sides, making them less likely to break.
  • Be sure to pack a first night’s bag of all your essential including toothpaste, washcloths, towels, nightclothes, and coffee, plenty of coffee!!
  • Most importantly, itemize your boxes!  First, name or color code them by room.  Then number each room’s boxes and make a list of what is inside each numbered box.  On the unpacking end, name or color code your rooms, and enjoy the unpacking bliss.
Written by
TR Barrett
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