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Repairing Damage to Wood Floors, Walls, and Furniture

You are packing and transporting your valued items with the hopes that everything remains in its original condition.  Most moves are completed without one issue of complaint, but then there is Murphy’s Law!  This was written for those times when Murphy shows up to the move.  

Scratches and Dents

If the dent isn’t very deep, using water, a cloth, and an iron.  Yep, that’s it.  Wet the cloth, lay it over the dent, and hot iron the cloth in intervals to avoid burning the cloth.  Keep in mind that if the fibers have broken, there may be a shadow where the fibers separated.  Also, if the dent is old, or it is a hardwood, the application may take more effort or be irreparable with this method.

For veneer or laminate furniture, if the scratch hasn’t penetrated the veneer, you can use clear wood lacquer finish to disguise the scratch.  Is the scratch go deep to penetrate the veneer?  Try using wood filler.  Match the wood grain with the fill color and rub the fill over the scratch or scratches, then use a plastic putty knife to remove the excess fill from the surface of the wood.  Wipe the area with a dry cloth and spray with clear wood lacquer finish.

Hopefully, you have a damage free move, but if a mishap does occur, maybe these tips will help to restore the life of your valued possessions.  

Written by
TR Barrett
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