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Tips for a Successful Move-Before You Pack

So, you’re ready to move?  If you’re like me, you are researching the world-wide web for tips that will make you a moving guru.  After all, what is more rewarding than a successful DIY project?  Hopefully, you made this your first research site because I have compiled a killer series of moving tips, guaranteed to make you moving boss!  

This first part of our series addresses pre-packing organization.  Enjoy!

  • Prevent toiletries from leaking by sealing the opening with plastic wrap and recover with cap.  Voila!  No leaks!!!
  • Go through your home and do an inventory, separating items for sale, donation, or trash.  You might be surprised how much you slim down your packing.
  • Separate your valuables to one area and pack them in a box or bag you will carry in your vehicle.
  • Organize your files and paperwork to prepare them for the move.  Shred what you no longer need and separate important documents to be transported in your personal vehicle.
  • Create a binder for documents regarding your move.
  • Slow down on grocery shopping.
  • Label your wires and cords with the name of the pairing device.  Then group them together in a bag labeled with the device name.   
  • Change your address and transfer/cancel your utilities.
  • Dispose of hazardous materials.
  • This is the time to trash and donate all the items that you have not worn in a year, are expired, or simply serve no purpose.
  • This is a great time to gather together important documents and shred what is useless.
Written by
TR Barrett
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